After slogging through the business basics, it is time to finally announce the details for Wine Culture’s monthly Wine Club – the fun stuff!

Recently, a few people have been asking me for wine club recommendations. The most popular are the online wine clubs where the goal is to pair the buyer with wines that they will enjoy through a “scientific” preference survey. The results provide a list of wines that an algorithm says you should enjoy. It sounds easy, but the results can be a bit mixed. I have been disappointed with these results more than I’ve been impressed, and I’ve tried a few. Every person likes what they like and it is nearly impossible to boil that down to a scientific formula. At Wine Culture, we know that you are as unique as the wines that we will carry and we want to you to be a part of the process, feeling truly satisfied while drinking the wines you love.  Wine Culture’s wine club will be doing things differently, always keeping our wine lovers in mind.

Our monthly Wine Club will be offered in two tiers to have price options that reach a broader group of customers. Each tier will include two bottles of wine per month and specific types of discounts in the shop, including upcoming events, wine flights and tastings. For the two bottles of wine per month, there will be the typical options — two reds, two whites, or one of each. However, we will take it a step further and give you more options. For example, each month you can change your preference of red or white or both and also have a choice between the types of red or white wines out of those highlighted in that month’s wine club. This option gives all levels of wine lovers a chance to be more involved in their preferences. If choice is not as important to you, we will continue to fill your wine club order with the red or white preference that you set as a default and the wines will be the “Manager’s choice” bottles highlighted in your email, on the website and in the shop for that month. We want this approach to satisfy a wide array of wine drinkers and hope that this will be an exciting way to involve our community!

Wine Culture – Monthly Wine Club (Prices posted on the website soon)

      Tier I

            – Two bottles of wine per month

            – 10% discount on all retail bottle sales

            – 1 free wine flight per month

      Tier II

            – Two bottles of wine per month

            – 10% discount on retail bottle sales

            – 25% discount on monthly wine events

            – 2 free wine flights per month

If you are ready to sign up, we will be building a wine club page at where there will be a specific sign-up for each Tier outlined above, and also a highlight of the monthly wines (listed once we get closer to the grand opening)! You will also have an opportunity to sign up for our wine clubs during the upcoming crowdfunding campaign – keep an eye on your emails from Wine Culture and our social media for more details coming soon!

We are also developing and sourcing the Wine Culture logo branded rewards, that along with the wine club, will be part of the upcoming crowdfunding effort! We are imagining beautiful wood charcuterie boards, elegant branded wine glasses, and Wine Culture tote bags that will be perfect for picking up your weekly wine purchases! I hope that this will get you as excited as we are about the future of Wine Culture…it will be here before you know it!