It feels so good to be talking about 2021!  I think we can all say that we are looking forward to 2020 being a site in the rearview mirror that quickly becomes a distant memory. We have lived and we have learned and we have become better for it and now is the time to think about how those lessons can be put in to action for a better future!

 One way to take action is to support the birth of small businesses like Wine Culture. I am excited to announce that the logistical process of bringing Wine Culture from a virtual account to a real life brick and mortar, is about to begin! Now, I will emphasis the word process and explain a bit about what is involved and what you can expect to hear about over the next few months. I will also let you know how you can be an integral part of making the process successful.

 I have begun the process of requesting a small business loan, which is standard for a new business owner.  This also means that I need to have a location identified for the actual Wine Shop in the near future. The loan process takes about six weeks, which lines up pretty well with the timeline of a November rental agreement. During that six weeks many things must take place, such as; exact estimates for the build-out of the location, design costs, vendor estimates for equipment and furnishings, and detailed inventory costs from distributors and wineries, just to name a few. One of the most important steps during that six weeks is also to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign and I will need all of your support to make that happen.

 First, I would like to ask everyone reading this blog post to think about all of your wine loving friends and to share this special community with them! Share Wine Culture’s website, tell them about our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter sites and let’s spread the word far and wide about the latest Wine Shop coming to Dallas.

 Second, please think of any organizations that you know of that would be interested in supporting a Female and Veteran Owned Small Business. It would be wonderful to have your support in sharing the crowdfunding video and information (when released), so that they have the opportunity to contribute. A successful crowdfunding initiative is crucial to opening Wine Culture’s doors and bringing a wonderful place to life in the first couple of months of 2021! I am counting on your support.

 All exciting updates will be brought to you each week through this blog post but we will also be posting pictures on the website and via our social media channels to keep you entertained and informed as the business develops! The crowdfunding campaign will include incentive opportunities such as; wine club memberships and Wine Culture branded gifts. There will also be short-term investment opportunities for those who desire to make a larger contribution, with a guaranteed return on your investment. More details are coming soon!

 I am so excited to share the latest with all of you! I now ask for your prayers and support as I embark on this journey of passion, to make a dream come to life. In return, I will have the opportunity to serve others in a way that is as beautiful and as unique as Wine Culture itself!