This week the harsh realities of being an entrepreneur and a first time business owner caught up with me and created a new roadblock. My initial plans for a funding mechanism are not working like I had hoped. This has been disappointing and more details about that are below. But even so – I do not plan to let these obstacles deter me. I am a female Marine, a veteran and my father’s daughter – which means I’m determined, focused and stubborn. So, dear Wine Culture community — friends, followers, veteran peers and networkers – I need your help building a larger network.

Can you introduce me to individuals who would be interested in making Wine Culture a brick and mortar store in the North Dallas/University Park area? Ideal connections would include investors, wine connoisseurs, food & beverage focused small businesses, and other boutique business owners interested in a partnership. My hope is that introductions will lead to more introductions and eventually partners and investors. I am open to any conversation that might help me create the Wine Culture community and the store front that it is meant to be.

Please use this email, to connect me with any folks you think would be interested in a conversation.

 Thank you for being a friend and champion of Wine Culture. Happy Thanksgiving.