Wine Culture is still moving forward! I know it seems slow at times, but this is all part of the process. It is now time to start thinking about some of the fun and exciting details of the shop. On Friday I was presented the first drawings of the shop design and I can’t wait to share them with all of you once it is a bit more final. It is going to be amazing! Lease negotiations are underway and the small business loan process continues to be a challenge, but it is still coming together! Once the lease is finalized, permits have to get approved and then a lot of construction will take place over the next few months. So while the physical design is coming together, I get to start picking out the exciting things like wine and cheese and the recipes for flatbreads.

I hope that by now, you have all checked out the Wine Culture website at . Currently the page talks about the plan to serve charcuterie boards , breads and oils and flat breads. I have some ideas in mind for the types of flatbreads that Wine Culture will serve, but I have decided that it would be fun to hear from you. What sort of flatbreads do you like? What have you made yourself or tasted that was memorable? How much fun would it be to have a flatbread named after you or given credit to you on the Wine Culture menu?

I want your ideas, so let’s make it a competition!  Submit your flatbread recipes by Dec 1st and depending on how many are submitted, there can be a run off and perhaps more than one winner, or if there are only a few submissions, one winner will go ahead and be chosen. A few parameters for the competition: 1) keep it simple – the recipe shouldn’t have more than three toppings. 2) The ingredients need to be able to be purchased, as homemade crusts and sauces might be hard to source in bulk (unless you are selling your secret recipes for a good price). 3) The flatbreads will be cooked in a conveyor pizza oven and all flatbreads will need to be able to be cooked at the same speed – which refers back to the fact that the toppings need to be able to cook during a short timeframe on the conveyor belt so the ingredients need to be able to do the same.

I am so excited to hear all of your recipes and/or just some of your favorite flatbreads that you have tried. You can respond in the comments below the blog posts on the website, you can send an email to with the subject: Flatbread Competition. You can also send me a DM on Instagram or message me on Facebook. I hope that you will engage in the competition or at least in the fun of sharing your thoughts with the Wine Culture community. Thank you in advance for joining in the fun!